Acute and Chronic Inflammation

Image Thumbnail Primary Image ID Primary Image title All taxonomy terms
LMP11980 Thumbnail LMP11980 Breast, Abscess and necrosis
LMP12985 Thumbnail LMP12985 Lymph nodes, Kikuchi-Fujimoto Lymphadenitis, H&E stain
LMP15239 Thumbnail LMP15239 Skin, granuloma annulare, Alcian blue stain
LMP15746 Thumbnail LMP15746 Nasal cavity, Mucous polyp, Gram stain
LMP17311 Thumbnail LMP17311 Colon, Collagenous colitis
LMP18886 Thumbnail LMP18886 Nasal cavity, Mucous polyp, H&E stain
LMP22094 Abdominal aorta, Atherosclerosis
LMP27099 Thumbnail LMP27099 Colon, Ulcerative colitis
LMP27230 Thumbnail LMP27230 Nasal cavity, Mucous polyp, Alcian blue stain
LMP28114 Thumbnail LMP28114 Kidney, Crescentic glomerulonephritis, PAS stain